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Since 2005, Sophie Nardone is assistant director of Hubert Colas: Hamlet by W. Shakespeare, Genoa 01 by Fausto Paravidino, Face to the Wall by Martin Crimp, Chto Trilogy and Gratte-Ciel by Sonia Chiambretto, Le Livre d’or de Jan, STOP or all is noise for who is afraid and No Signal Help by Hubert Colas, Necessary and urgent by Annie Zadek, Une Mouette et autres cas d’espèces, a free rewriting of Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull by writers Edith Azam, Liliane Giraudon, Nathalie Quintane and Annie Zadek...
She has also been assistant to Thierry Raynaud on the staging of Pelléas et... from Pelléas et Mélisande by Maurice Maeterlink.
In the cinema, she is director of casting for movies Inguelézi by François Dupeyron, casting assistante for La chambre obscure by Marie-Christine Questerber, Cartouches Gauloises by Mehdi Charef...), short movies and advertisements.
She collaborates with Philippe Grandrieux on performance Scene 4 and the film White Epilepsy as casting director and assistant director.
In visual arts, she collaborates with visual artist Thomas Mailaender on the After Hours / Good Vibes and Super Mamie video series.
In the event, she is general manager for the International Film Festival of Marseille (FID). She is also a documentalist for television.


After studies in cinema and experiments in the fields of music, graphic design and multimedia, Pierre Nouvel creates with Valère Terrier the collective Factoid. Together they make clips and perform as DJs on electronic music scenes.
In 2005, Pierre Nouvel met Jean-François Peyret with whom he realized his first creation as a videographer for Le Cas de Sophie K, a piece created at the Avignon Festival. He continues his theatrical experience with Michel Deutsch, Lars Noren, Jean-Louis Martinelli ... and directs his reflection on the relationship between stage space, time and image.
In 2007, he collaborated with composer Jérôme Combier for Noir Gris, L’impromptu d’Ohio, presented at the Center Pompidou. His approach reveals a close correlation between image and space and naturally he turns to scenography.
In 2008, he directed scenography, video, lights and sound for Zabou Breitman, adapted by Raymond Depardon’s documentaries, Urgences et Faits divers, which won two Molières, The "best private show". He has since done numerous projects for the theater, but also for contemporary music, or opera.
As a videographer, he collaborates with the director Hubert Colas on the creations Gratte-Ciel by Sonia Chiambretto in 2013, Texte M. by Hubert Colas in 2015 and Une Mouette et autres cas d’espèces, a free rewriting of Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull by writers Edith Azam, Liliane Giraudon, Nathalie Quintane and Annie Zadek.


Fabien Sanchez is currently working for Diphtong Cie and Théâtre d’Arles.
He co-signed with Hubert Colas the light of No Signal Help, Gratte-Ciel, Necessary and Urgent, Warburton’s Cook and Hubert Colas’s new creation Une Mouette et autres cas d’espèces.
He participated to the creation and the tour of the shows of many companies: Collectif L’Isba from José Renault (De bruit et de labeur), Cie Les Inachevés from Moïse Touré (Tabataba), Cie Un Soir Ailleurs from Claire Le Michel (48°42’ Nord 2°23’ est – Point de rencontres, CRIS : Mouvements publics, Contes d’Automne, L’Homme Approximatif), Cie NÖ from Jutta Knödler (Projet Pilote, Complices et Alors ?, Baignade Interdite, La Voix de l’Autre, Herz, Present), Cie Preview from Serge Meyer (For a Dream, Transversale), Théâtre Des Trois Hangars (Rimbaud d’Afrique de Jean-Louis Kamoun), Cie Des Pieds et Des Mains from Sylvie Thomas (Cuercas, Pieles, Canas, J’irai jongler avec les étoiles) and Cie Opéra Atelier 84 from Véronica Grange (Didon et Ennée, La flûte enchantée, Bastien Bastienne, Cendrillon).
And also with L’Atelier Lyrique de Tourcoing directed by Jean-Claude Malgoire (Les Vêpres de La Vierge, Promenade Lyriques, Openings of Seasons, Catone in Utica de Gildas Bourdet, Don Giovanni, La flûte enchantée et La flûte enchantée contée aux enfants by Pierre Constant, Les Cantates by Bach et Don Quichotte au mariage de Comancho by Alain Carré, the trilogy L’Orféo, Le Retour d’Ulysse et Le Couronnement de Poppée and Les Indes Galantes by J.C. Malgoire).
He has also worked for Avignon Festival, Fresnoy National Studio of Contemporary Arts in Tourcoing, Comédie de Béthune CDN, Théâtre du Nord CDN in Lille, Clef Des Chants (La fille de Madame Angot) by Stéphane Verrue ), Opera of Avignon, Festival of the Rencontres Photographiques of Arles, Théâtre de Nîmes, Théâtre du Chêne Noir and Théâtre le Moulin à Paroles in Avignon.


Frédéric Viénot is a musician, sound designer, stage manager and general stage manager.
Parallel to literary studies that should have led him to the teaching of French, he participated in several musical formations as songwriter-guitarist. It is with the group "Les Cracheurs de Soleils" that it becomes professional.
In 1998, he was hired for the first time by the Festival d’Avignon as sound manager. It is in the Chapel of the White Penitents that he rediscovers the theater. He resolutely chooses this craft which will allow him to satisfy his taste for the verb as his passion for sound.
After completing training as stage manager, he was recruited to work on a show by Jacques Lassalle (Medée), with Isabelle Huppert and Jean-Quentin Châtelain.
In 2010, he signed the sound creation of Christoph Marthaler’s show, Papperlapapp.
In 2002, he took the post of stage manager at the Court of Honor of the Palais des Papes, then as assistant stage manager responsible for the sound department.
In 2008, he worked for Festival actoral created by Hubert Colas, during which he also began his technical and artistic collaboration with the director (Le Livre d’or de Jan, Kolik, Stop ou Tout est bruit pour qui a peur, No Signal Help, Gratte-Ciel, Face au mur, Nécessaire et urgent, Une Mouette et autres cas d’espèces...).


In fashion, Fred Cambier worked for six years as a stylist for Lanvin and Manfred Mugler. He also worked for feature films, video clips and commercials with Philippe Découflé, Aki Kaurismaki, Gaspard Noé (Irreversible), Gilles Lellouche and Tristant Aurouet (Narco), Artus de Penguern (Grégoire Moulin contre l’humanité), Kad et Olivier (Pamela Rose, Ticket pour l’Espace), Olivier Babinet (Robert Mitchum est mort), Tristan Séguéla (L’Adulescent), Jean-Baptiste Lucien (30°Couleur) ...
He worked with Hubert Colas on the creations of 12 Sisters Sisters by Sonia Chiambretto, Stop ou Tout est bruit pour qui a peur by Hubert Colas, Necessary & Urgent by Annie Zadek and Une Mouette et autres cas d’espèces, a free rewriting of Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull by writers Edith Azam, Liliane Giraudon, Nathalie Quintane and Annie Zadek.

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